What kind of game is Agario?

Some players deliberately like to have small cells around them. But you have to consider that this is a trap. Because their main purpose will be to eat you while they try to eat the small cells around them. As you move forward to eat the smaller cell, they will try to eat you by dividing into as many cells as possible quickly. This is one of the traps you should definitely watch out for. You get the biggest win by eating a player close to your own size. While it's tempting to chase the smaller ones, you get less in return, and it brings its own dangers. It is quite possible that you will encounter a player who is beyond your own height during the chase, and as a result, you may lose some of the cells you have around you, or even completely lose all your cells. Throw yourself next to or behind a virus when you encounter a player who is much stronger than you. We can say that viruses are traps that cause your cells to explode when you touch them. Therefore, playing around viruses will endanger you as well as players who are stronger than you. If you use this situation well, you can use viruses to your advantage. Since the map of Agar.io is at certain scales, of course it has corners and ends. That's why you should avoid them. Try to stay away from corners and edges as much as possible, especially if you are still in a small cell and there is someone following you. As this route may bring your end, it also brings the possibility of encountering other players because you narrowed your escape route. Split attack is an attack that you should use when you are at least 266% bigger than the opposing player and you want to consume them. By dividing your cells in the direction your mouse is looking at, it allows you to eat your opponents more dominantly. Keep in mind that you need to be at least 10% bigger than the player you are going to eat to be able to eat another player while in the undivided state, while when you are split you have to be 33% larger than the player you are going to eat because you have more than one cell. Your speed can be called everything in the game. Make good use of your early speed and eat the agars around the players. Find places that only a few players stop by and continue to grow secretly there. After a while, you will be able to collide with other players head-on. There will be times when you are too cornered and cannot escape. In such cases, you can divide yourself as much as possible so that even a tiny bit of your cell escapes. You should definitely be happy about this situation. Because no matter how small, as long as you survive and survive, you will have a chance to grow back into the game.